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  • Sense of Place


    Welcome to our brief portfolio of work. These designs represent just a handful of the many, many projects we have worked on for a number of clients.

  • Chapter and Verse Wine

    Chapter & Verse / South Africa

    Name creation, branding, hand lettering and designA range of South African varietals created for a major online retailer. The range represents the diversity and selection of varietals from the Cape wine lands. The brand lettering was hand rendered in-house to bring a unique feel to the package.

  • Sense of Place Les Mains Noires

    Les Mains Noires / France

    Name creation, branding, hand lettering and designA package created for a French producer who wanted to communicate the handcrafted nature of their wine and the soils of a specific vineyard in the Côtes du Roussillon region. This modern and bold pack sold well through international Independent Retail and On Trade channels

  • Sense of Place Molinillo

    Molinillo / Argentina

    Branding and designThe name relates to the windmill-shaped ‘molinillo’ tiles found across the Mendoza region. Together they form a wonderful contemporary geometric pattern. The colours bring a subtle nod to the national flag as well as the vibrancy of the buildings in the region.

  • Sense of Place Bellefontaine

    Bellefontaine / France

    Branding and designAn established range from a major French producer needed a totally fresh, new look. Something clean and modern for the international Independent Retail and On-Trade sectors with just a touch of classic France. The abstract patterns represent areas of southern France where the grapes are sourced.

  • Sense of Place Aggraziato

    Aggraziato / Italy

    Branding and designProsecco packaged with an Art Deco twist. The brief was to create a package for a chain of bars that would appeal to the younger, style-conscious drinker who primarily frequented their bars in the evening. Class and opulence to match their own bar interiors.

  • Sense of Place Five Bastions

    Five Bastions / South Africa

    Name creation, branding and designFor this varietal range, the branding was influenced by the Castle Of Good Hope which was erected in 1666 by Dutch settlers as a five-pointed star (five bastions) on the foreshore of Cape Town and remains the oldest existing colonial building in South Africa.

  • Sense of Place Laurette

    La Petite Laurette du Midi / France

    Name creation, branding and designRefined, French elegance. Although Rosé sales have grown throughout the world, it’s easy to forget how simple elegance on shelf (and table) can let the wine speak for itself. We made use of a beautiful elegant bottle and stopper to create a package to primarily appeal to the female rosé drinker.

  • Sense of Place Songlines

    Songlines / Australia

    Branding, illustration and designThe ancient peoples of Australia navigated the vast emptiness of their continent using mind maps; instructions remembered in song and passed down the generations. A kind of pre-GPS TomTom. This design was illustrated and created to celebrate this near-lost tradition for Magpie Estate of the Barossa Valley.

  • Sense of Place El Infiernillo

    El Infiernillo / Chile

    Branding and designChilean Pinot Noir from a single vineyard in the Maule Valley. The vineyard location 1000 feet up, catches the decapitated volcano 'Descabezado' in the distance. We brought it to life.

  • Sense of Place Tres Mares

    Tres Mares / Spain

    Branding and designThe brief was to bring a new bold look to Albariño for a major UK retailer. The optical highlights bring presence but paired with the clean contemporary branding the quality cues shine through. This went on shelf and significantly outperformed any predicted sales forecasts.

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